How To Easily Close Escrow When Selling and Buying at the Same Time

Dated: June 19 2020

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It can be stressful buying and selling at the same time but in this video interview Michelle and I talk about the best way to make it as stress free as possible. 

You may be asking what do you mean about buying and selling at the same time? I am talking about doing a contingent sale which where you find the property you want to buy and write an offer that includes you needing to sell your home to purchase the new one. 

Contingent sales are common because no one wants to move twice and a lot of people need the equity from their current home to use as a down payment on their new home. When you work with a good team including an agent, escrow company, lender and title then it can be practically stress free. 

Your team of professionals will handle all the large and small details so all you have to do is get your home in sell ready conditon, find your new home and move in once both have closed escrow. 

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